Seeking Mentoring?

The Mentorship advises people to build teams of mentors through starting to ask people they already know for mentoring, for help. Please don't confuse this mentoring with professional mentoring of the sort that can occur between people of outstanding education, ability and experience, and their mentees.

Our package contains a book that explains and summarizes professional mentoring that can be used in conjunction with The Mentorship. Most organized clubs, associations or educational institutions such as technical schools or universities have forms of free mentoring readily available. The mentor system used by The Mentorship is complimentary to these other forms of mentoring

We ask our users to meet their mentors at a place. This can be online, but sometimes the best outcome is when people meet in person at place nearby to you both - that is quiet and relaxing. Your mentoring meeting should be an enjoyable time, not pressured. We ask one main thing of you with each meeting:-


Keeping notes, or better yet - a private journal, isn't hard and helps you progress towards your goal.


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