The principle of education is to show students how to learn. Sometimes additional effort is needed though, and the Mentorship is designed to remind students that asking for help, asking for mentoring, is important.

For example. University students sometimes use a mentor for a short while - usually after being told to. Then the relationship is allowed to lapse. The outcome is that the student has one mentor for only a short period of time.

We teach something transforming. That each person can create their own teams of mentors.

This is also an effort to instill the principle of using large self-created networks of mentors, not just creating them. Of seeking help to attain their wants and needs. If each of your students had integrated this same principle, you would not only be their teacher. You would also be one of their many mentors.

We ask people to seek mentors among people they already know and trust.

This helps them learn about mentorship by starting this process among friends with a focus on issues of most importance to them, their wants and needs.

We recommend they build their skills by seeking many mentors, and by organizing them into teams who can help them achieve things. Our goal is to make mentoring something as routine as breakfast and as natural as breathing.

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