Your first step is to think.

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Here are some ways you can improve your situation with help from The Mentorship.

    Want a better resume or job? Create a 'training & employment team' and ask for free help, one mentor at a time.

    Want to start a new business that helps you slow down & live or change gears and make something great? One mentor at a time, discuss your ideas and plans and ask for free help starting and running your business. These mentors are your 'business building team'.

    Want to escape from it all to clear your mind? One mentor at a time, explain why, what you need to make it happen and what is stopping you. Ask for free help. These mentors are your 'holiday escape team'.

    Want to make the place you are in a place of beauty? One mentor at a time, share your dreams and clearly say what you can do, and what you need them to do. And with them, do it.

    How do I make a team of mentors?

    To create a team of mentors you list people you know, then meet with them. As you find if they are helpful or not, arrange them into teams.


    The Mentorship is presently only available in English. Contact us if you would like to see it in your language.

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